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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Qi Rong was hungry. This was nothing new, of course, he had an insatiable appetite Xie Lian would know and he spent most of his time as a ghost doing nothing but eating and cursing his cousin.

So when he was hungry again, it was no surprise. Even so, he was still hungry, and Xie Lian had left the Puji temple, probably off to get fucked by Hua Cheng.

Your dear father is clearly hungry, fucking go get him something to eat! Qi Rong rolled his eyes. And he waited. For what seemed like forever. His eyelids were drooping. What are you doing! Why did you take so fucking long to come back? Qi Rong scowled. As if someone as pathetic as you can cook something by yourself. Gu Zi pouted, but as hesitant he was about letting his insane father go, he had no choice but to untie Qi Rong. Qi Rong let out a sigh of relief as he felt hands behind his back loosen his restraints, stretching his back.

Qi Rong dumped the load of more and more disfigured vegetables to his disgust and one fucked up slab of meat onto the table.

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Gu Zi peeked up at him, and god, why was he so short? Tying up his long, different hair, he let out a confused noise when he saw the bloodstains on the table. Gu Zi tugged at his sleeve, and Qi Rong looked down to see him barely peeking over the counter.

Definitely not like my bastard cousin! Qi Rong narrated the steps of cooking a human body, casually ignoring the fact that Gu Zi started looking ill at some point, but still listened to him attentively, letting out surprised gasps and impressed hums.

He basked in the attention, feeling a sort of weird, odd, unadulterated joy. Gu Zi clapped when Qi Rong did a particularly impressive move, looked delighted and star struck when Qi Rong spoke tales of his grandeur and riches, and how one day Qi Rong will definitely make sure to bring him to his palace.

Qi Rong loved the attention. He had been halfway through another story about how he had defeated Jun Wu in a dance fight when Gu Zi hissed, retracting his fingers back quickly.

Qi Rong held onto his hand, even as Gu Zi tried to pull his hand away.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

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Shen Yuan is newly transmigrated into the body of Lord Shen Qingqiu, local asshole, vampires hunters, and Luo Binghe's stepping stone in his journey to be the new king of the vampires with a three-digit harem. He didn't sign up for any of this! His solution to not die at the hands of the protagonist? An excellent plan will not fail!

But it is strange that all the murder plots focus on him. Hey idiots, he's not the protagonist!

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The protagonist is right here! In another universe, a new System is assigned to Shen Yuan. A screw up on it's end means Shen Yuan is landed the role of a nameless but pivotal cannon fodder villain whom Luo Binghe first encounters as a child.

As Shen Yuan grows attached to his new lifehe does his best to hug the protagonist's thigh. Only to realize Since when did he hug the protagonist's heart from the very start?

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Shen twins got saved from the Qiu's, Yue Qingyuan is still stressed and Luo Binghe had a big brother. It's getting confusing but to see Shen Yuan, the fandom's famous harem master in action, all those hardworks finally paid off!!

In which Tianlang Jun was given the second, and third chance in life. He vowed to change everything for the better this time.

He decided that in order to have a happy ending, what he needed to be. The mysterious dark lord who only moves the strings in the shadow. Hence, instead of pursuing the woman he loved and quietly elope with her to a safe place His first step? Letaknya ada di sisi Jalan Ibukota Surgawi. Sedikit ke selatan dari balai kota, seberang perpustakaan, dan diapit toko bunga serta restoran cepat saji.

Kos-kosan kecil di jantung Yunmeng.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Student Council officer Lang Qian Qiu stalks the exchange student Qi Rong in order to find out what mischief his arch nemesis is up to. Qi Rong's bedroom door opens a crack so he can confirm--yep, they're literally seconds away from making out right there on the fucking couch--and then it slams open all the way, drawing their attention towards the actual fucking gremlin standing in the doorway, proudly wearing a T-shirt with "DUMP HIM" emblazoned across the chest.

Qi Rong felt a stab of vicious amusement. A fresh peal of laughter shocked itself from the recesses of his body.

It rattled up through his diaphragm, convulsive and somewhat painful. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Guzi cheek was stained with ink. Junto a una persona especial. Aunque quisiera dar el siguiente paso, no puede hacerlo, no debe. This is a fucking brothel. You know, a whorehouse.

qi rong ao3

The place where people pay to get their cock wet. You been living under a rock this whole time?

qi rong ao3

Or, Lang Qianqiu's princely life has fallen to shit along with the Kingdom of Yong'an. He comes across a gorgeous creature with attitude issues in a brothel who he may, or may not want to save. Mu Qing looked at the lady that was smilingly brightly, she was joking right?? But the sound of her voice told him that she was serious You must be one of their friends! The lady smiled brighter and god did Mu Qing wish that lady would just shut up, but after listening to the lady, Xie Lian suddenly smiled a little saying:.

If Lang Qianqiu thinks back, she can vaguely remember her instincts screeching at her to bolt. She has no idea if Qi Rong set out to woo her with her hair-filled shower drain and fridge full of condiments. That Lang Qianqiu was wooed is her own baggage to unpack. Sailors, take warning. A green-tailed siren haunts the Southern Seas — and he's kind of a hot mess.Qi Rong is a good-looking young man who shares resemblance to his cousin, Xie Lian.

While not many of their features look alike, their noses, lips and the contours of their jaws are similar in shape.

He has high, sharp brows and thin, slanted eyes. It's said that one could tell not to mess with him purely by looking at his face. During the time of Xie Lian's first ascension he was around fifteen to sixteen years old, finely-dressed with a light turquoise brocade and necklace.

qi rong ao3

In the manhua sneak peek of him, he has long, disheveled hair and very pale skin. He also wears a green outer robe, dark green inner robes, and a pale sash. Qi Rong is an extremely crass, vulgar person who is void of any empathy, although he has grown to hate people calling him crude and boorish as he has been called so for many centuries. He often acts spoiled and bratty, enraged when things don't go his way or him not getting what he wants. While he doesn't seem to hold respect for anyone, he does fear certain people, such as Hua Cheng.

The only exception to his extreme lack of any kind of decency is Gu Zi. While he does mistreat him, he also does care about him and recognizes him as family. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article lacks references.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

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Remember Me. Wei Wuxian is the son of the Marquis of Lotus Pier and his father wants to give him more responsibilities. Xie Lian is the crown prince of Xianle and is unaware of the reality of his own kingdom.

Hua Cheng owns a casino in the Forbidden City, outside the kingdom of Xianle, and has a grudge against the royal family. Lan Wangji is one of the heirs of a family liquor company. Thanks to one crazy idea this Christmas is going to be different. Very different. For all of them.

Guzi cheek was stained with ink. With San Lang, Xie Lian thinks he can find again the strength centuries have ripped from him. And maybe this is what he needed all these years — the awareness of another person by his side no matter the circumstances and regardless of the storm the world throws at him. The concept of one person made tangible, and all the more precious because being there just for him.

Now, in its wake, he and Hua Cheng are preparing to face White-Clothed Calamity and emerge victorious from a fight seemingly impossible to win.

They slowly learn to become a family, but have to save the boy from a familiar face. Dancing was one of Xie Lian's greatest passions. But in the world of dance, nothing is easy. So who would have thought a young man in a red sash would make him take a leap of faith? Or maybe several? Hua Cheng paid He Xuan to go out with Shi Qingxuan and so he can go out with Xie Lian in peace without having to worry about the sticky girl over his crush. He Xuan doesn't know how to not-care-so-much about someone, but he will try.

Xie Lian would die for his friends, and Shi Qingxuan What could it be said? She is just captivating. Hua Cheng pagou He Xuan para sair com Shi Qingxuan e assim ele pode sair com Xie Lian em paz sem ter que se preocupar com a garota grudenta em cima da paixonite dele. O que se pode dizer? M back to the commune where we all live. They want me to kick my cousin out but I refuse to do that because he'll have nowhere to go.

Junto a una persona especial. Aunque quisiera dar el siguiente paso, no puede hacerlo, no debe.Casio CFX-9850GC Plus Graphing Calculator (White)3. Statistics is used in almost every field of research: the discovery of the Higgs particle, social sciences, climate research.

With this, and with its well established foundations, it is very well suited for a wikibook. This book is an ongoing effort to make this basic knowledge available for free. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Jump to: navigation, searchWelcome to the Wikibook of Statistics Statistics Introduction What Is Statistics.

Subjects in Modern Statistics Why Should I Learn Statistics. What Do I Need to Know to Learn Statistics. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Privacy policy About Wikibooks Disclaimers Developers Cookie statement Mobile view A PDF version is available.

We are home to the Center for Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Research, an interdisciplinary research center providing leadership in quantitative finance. We also provide consulting services through our statistical consulting laboratory: StatLab. Loren Nickel, Class 1996, Director of Business Risk and Insurance at Google, is the 2017 RIMS Risk Manager of the year. Chancellor Henry and Mrs.

Dilling Yang cordially invite you to attend the 2017 Staff Celebration Week. We are pleased to announce that the activities for the week will take place on April 29-May 5.

Please browse through the Calendar of Events for more info and details on how to register for events. Recipient of the 2016-2017 UCSB Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Wawanesa Scholarship Winners: Karla Orocio Baez, Kristy Cheng, Andrew Freedman, Ariel Huang, and Syen Yang Lu.

PSTAT has been a part of UCSB since 1985. Learn More About our Department. PSTAT's Actuarial Program is an SOA Center of Actuarial Excellence Learn More About our PSTAT Undergraduate Programs. Congratulations to our 2016 graduates. Find Out More About Our PSTAT Graduate Programs. Previous Pause Next PSTAT Points of Excellence PSTAT's Actuarial Program is an SOA Center of Actuarial Excellence Home to the Center for Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Research Operating the UCSB StatLab since 1985.

Alumni SOA Newsletter highlights UCSB Actuarial Program and CASS 2017. Recognition Staff Celebration Week Chancellor Henry and Mrs. Campus Events Congratulations to Prof S.

Faculty Awards Congratulations to our Wawanesa Scholarship Winners. The programme works towards advancing the methodological frameworks for measuring tourism and expanding its analytical potential, designs practical guidance for their implementation in countries, supports statistical strengthening in countries through capacity building, and compiles and disseminates tourism statistics of countries all over the world.

For more information, see About us. This is one of the goals of the World Tourism Day celebrations that are being conducted throughout the world. Press Release18 Sep 17 22nd UNWTO General Assembly in China: a week of important achievementsAn intense week of meetings, decisions and agreements marked the 22nd session of the UNWTO General Assembly in Chengdu, China on 13-16 September.


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